My family are my life. I am so proud of every one of them. Like most parents, I struggle between insisting what's best for them and letting them find out for themselves. We always try to eat together as a family at the table, and I attempt to provide home cooked nutritionally balanced meals. This is not always easy and does not always make me popular but I live in the hope that one day they will understand. When I began my course my youngest said "Great, now Mums doing this course soon we'll only be allowed air!!" this was following a ban on all fizzy drinks and refusing to buy certain foods. They are gradually coming to terms with the changes and I now work on the basis of educating them and letting them make changes themselves when they are ready. The oldest two already have a daily green juice or smoothie - the youngest is trying his best but still has to hold his nose for the green juices!!!!! Replacing cows milk with nut milks has worked wonders for their teenage skin and is a good source of protein too.

I often regret not knowing what I know now sooner - things would have been very different but it was so easy to 'give in' at parties and such. A friend of mine is raising her son a vegan (properly) he has never had meat, sugar or dairy and is thriving! check out her instagram if you don't believe me @ thebabyherbivore I am a vegetarian but my children are not. I am not a self righteous vegetarian, it is my personal choice and I still cook meat for my family. I believe meat can be an important part of a well balanced diet "everything in moderation" is my motto. However I am much more conscious of 'where' our food comes from - I only ever buy meat from the butchers and always ensure I know its source.

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