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    So …..six years ago someone told me about Juicing. An old school friend of mine began working for Jason Vale the juice master. She had started doing juice workshops in London so, with my lovely sister-in-law, we trekked up to London to attend. The workshop lasted an hour and we touched on:- Different juicers … Read More

Healthy Chocolate Brownies

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  I’m not a big cake lover so cakes was not something I felt I would miss on a healthier diet, however I DO love gooey chocolate brownie!! I have tried the sweet potato ones etc etc but nothing quite cuts the mustard. These ones are best stored in the freezer and eaten straight from … Read More

Rainbow salad

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     You can’t really go wrong with salad but this one is one of my favourites. To mix it up a bit and stop it from getting boring I’ll change the dressing around. Sometimes having a spicy thai one and another just plain old vinaigrette. The small kilner bottles are ideal for shaking up … Read More

Tomato and Lentil Dahl

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        Dahl used to mean raised eyebrows when the kids knew it was on the menu so I have tried many recipes including some with chickpeas, spinach etc. This one is based on a Rick Stein version and with home made flatbreads goes down a treat as a light lunch or dinner. … Read More

Sesame Tuna Steak

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    10 tbsp sesame seeds 4 tuna steaks Soy sauce/liquid aminos (the latter being gluten free) 2 cloves of garlic honey Coconut oil Onion (very finely diced) 500g peas 3tsp of grated ginger 1 tbsp tahini 2 limes Extra virgin olive oil 1 red chilli (finely chopped) 1/2 cucumber cut into batons Coconut oil … Read More

Post Workout Smoothie

August 15, 2017Recipes No Comments

    A dessertspoon each of pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flaxseed A handful of washed strawberries A ripe banana Cashew milk Ice Bung it all in a blender and Bobs your uncle!! Tasty, filling and vital post workout when the muscles fuel resources have been depleted. Without refuelling and remodelling muscle breakdown with protein you … Read More

Cereal the kids will eat!

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    Faced with one son ‘apparently’ not having anything healthy to eat for breakfast because he doesn’t like the nuts in my granola – I explained that no supermarket cereal is good for you as it is laced with copious amounts of sugar and salt. We  concluded chocolate was the flavour of choice for breakfast so … Read More

The Dispensary Kitchen – Winchester

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    I have put this venue in my local tab but such was our experience there that I felt it deserved its own blog post. Upon entering what can only be described as a unimposing, intriguing building, we were met with a warm welcome. Not a ‘We’re a restaurant and you’re paying’ kind of … Read More

Seed Cycling

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Having struggled with my hormones and PMT in recent years, a friend from CNM told me about seed cycling. Interested by the possibilities I looked into it and have been amazed at what I have discovered regarding the effect of seeds on your hormone balance.  Having done a little research I decided to try it for … Read More

Explore Raw

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July 18th 2017 Last night I attended a raw food workshop in Newbury with the infamous Stephanie Jeff’s from Explore Raw. What a woman!! I had heard about fermenting (Kombucha, Kefir, Nut cheeses etc) and its probiotic values but until now have not embarked on my fermenting journey. Steph made the whole experience hilarious talking about her … Read More