As  primary school teacher (for twenty years) and prior science co-ordinator I have a sound understanding of the curriculum.  I would be prepared to visit schools in whatever capacity they require. To pinpoint the exact content would be too generic and does not lend itself to topic based learning  or the disparate needs of individual children. Contact me to discuss and ensure a bespoke service to suit the needs of your specific establishment.  Some examples of services I offer are:

Key stage 1:  

  • Assemblies.
  • Parent/child cooking demonstrations.
  • Group work within class.
  • Talks for healthy eating week.
  • Juice and smoothie workshops.
  • Talks/presentations for parents on healthy lunchboxes.


  • Assemblies.
  • Workshops
  • Talks for teachers and parents.
  • ADHD and Autism and how we behaviours can be reduced through diet.
  • Juice and smoothie workshops
  • Simplified/visual lessons on the importance of healthy eating.

Key stage 2:

  • Talks/presenation about healthy eating.
  • Assemblies.
  • Workshops.


Key stage 3: 

  • Talks/presentations about the importance of healthy eating.
  • Biology and biochemistry of healthy eating.
  • Elimination diets – gluten, sugar, dairy etc.
  • Veganism/vegetarianism.
  • Cooking/preparation demonstrations/workshops.
  • Food labelling and marketing.